Simulation Management

SIMULATIONiQ™ is the only intelligent operating platform that brings together all the programs, people and processes into a single, simplified view that saves time, improves clinical outcomes, and delivers peace of mind. It uses the latest technologies to capture, organize, and analyze the full spectrum of your clinical simulation management efforts.

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Counselor Education

SIMULATIONiQ Counseling is a fully integrated, audio-video enabled solution with data management and skill assessment for providing simulations in counselor education. It also offers an organized and structured way to track and assess student-learning outcomes from CACREP.

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Deliberate Practice

SIMULATIONiQ CaseMaster enables a community of authors to collaborate and create numerous medical cases based on actual care pathways using simulation and deliberate practice. Learners can practice for hours at a time, from anywhere, on any device – with no physical simulation center or mannequin required.

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Simulation Polls

View instant polling results. New polls are posted every week. Suggest poll questions ranging from medical simulation, nursing simulation training, counseling education management, simulation-based mastery learning, to laparoscopy surgical training, and more.

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