X= Required of partners

     Strategic (A)     Vars (B)   Business partners (C)
       Platinum    Gold    Silver
 Account Manager or contact  Dedicated  Dedicated  Dedicated  Account Contact
 Joint executive sponsorship  X  X  As required  N/A
 Annual revenue requirements  X  X  X  X
 Negotiated contract  X  X  X  X
 Marketing Support & Tools        
 Lead referrals in EMS SalesForce
 CRM tool
 X  X  X  N/A
 Joint case study  2 Per year  1 Per year  Desired  N/A
 EMS branding  On hardware and
 On hardware
 and collateral
 On hardware
 and collateral
 Listing and EMS branding on partner
 web site
 X  X  X  X
 Access to customer mailing list  Twice annually  Twice annually  Once annually  N/A
 Marketing contact  X  X  X  X
 Technical Support and  Training        
 First level technical support  X   X  X  X
 Application support
 core qualification/product
 2 contacts (Minimum)  2 contacts (Minimum)  2 contacts (Minimum)  1 contacts