EMS’ SIMULATIONiQ™ platform delivers advanced features and the technology infrastructure that Center Directors/Coordinators need to optimally operate a human patient simulation program. It will help you save time and manage all the administrative and critical components in your medical simulation training environment. Any Center Director is well-aware of the importance of factors such as:

Centralized Data

"It's one of the few systems that actually stores everything in one location."

Complete Integration

"We wanted an integrated approach for our simulation center because we needed multiple modalities in which to pull data from different places."

Customer Support

"I knew I had just one tech support number to call, whether it was for hardware or software."

Although the success of your clinical simulation program largely relies on educators, as clinical simulation management technologies and methodologies become more sophisticated it is important for IT staff to be an ongoing partner for planning, maintenance, and problem solving. IT / technical staff need to interact not only with internal stakeholders but also with external simulation center management companies such as Education Management Solutions to ensure that: