Continue the Discussion: “Developing an IPE Ambulatory Care Experience for PA and Pharmacy Students”

  • August 4, 2016
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We had a great response to our August webinar! If you were not able to get your question in during the live event, please post it here for a response from the presenter.

"Developing an Ambulatory Care Interprofessional Experience for Physician Assistant and Pharmacy Students"
Presented by:
David Gene Bowyer, R.PH., FASHP
Chair, Department of Pharmacy Practice 
University of Charleston School of


Jennifer L. Pack, MMS,
PA-CProgram Director - Assistant Professor
University of Charleston, Physician Assistant Program

Abstract: A majority of interprofessional learning experiences conducted at healthcare programs are episodic in nature. The scenario is completed and the students move on to the next topic. However, patient care is not composed of one-time scenarios but is a continuum of care of a patient. Having students follow a patient through a series of visits presents a more real life experience for the students. This webinar will explain the process used by the University of Charleston to develop such a course. Logistics, scenario development and assessment will all be addressed during the presentation.

As a result of this presentation, participants will be able to:
- Describe the process for implementation of a series of interrelated interprofessional experiences.
- Understand the importance of providing interprofessional experiences as a continuum of care as opposed to episodic visits.
- Explain the process and methods used to provide feedback to the learners following the visits.