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Interprofessional education (IPE) and collaboration are the future of effective, patient-centered health care. The WHO advises hospitals to incorporate IPE into operations, and some accrediting bodies are requiring it to be added to health care education curricula. But IPE has proven harder to implement than expected.



Realistic Interprofessional Care Collaboration On-Demand

With SIMULATIONiQ IPE, health care students and medical professionals can log in anywhere, anytime to collaborate on realistic patient cases.


Through either chat or videoconferencing, students and providers work together to sharpen their skills and grow their understanding of how their work impacts both the patient and other providers.

The platform’s anytime, anywhere access and simple scheduling tool make coordinating IPE training sessions as simple as a few clicks.

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IPE - Anywhere, anytime

SIMULATIONiQ IPE streamlines IPE implementation with:

  Realistic collaborative health care training scenarios  

  Anytime, anywhere access  

  Simple cost allocation

  Easy case creation  







SIMULATIONiQ IPE: The Key To Improving Patient-Centered Care

Simple Cost Allocation

One of the struggles institutions have faced with implementing IPE is the challenge of allocating costs across departments. SIMULATIONiQ IPE eliminates the challenges of lengthy budgetary discussions. 

Institutions can subscribe for unlimited access or pay on a cost-effective per-case, per-student basis. This makes cross-departmental cost allocations easy and simplifies the ability to pass costs directly onto students.






Never Run Out Of  Training Resources


Through the platform, instructors can build realistic scenarios that reinforce the critical collaborative and quick-response skills students and clinicians need to improve patient outcomes and thrive in today’s medical institutions. Creating a case through the platform is quick and easy. In fact, educators can create cases in as little as two hours. This enables you to develop an entire library’s worth of collaborative simulations in just a few days.






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