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Today, your nursing school faces a variety of challenges — from diminishing resources to greater demands for improved patient outcomes.
Our SIMULATIONiQTM platform helps you maximize the learning potential of mannequin simulations so you can face the future with greater confidence.


Challenge: High demand

Nursing school enrollment is at an all-time high. But with a shortage of instructors, you need automated tools that can save you time so that you can concentrate on training nurses in the critical skills they need to succeed.

Challenge: Limited FTE resources

Most schools have limited FTE resources. SIMULATIONiQ is a fully-automated system like no other—it helps to cut down on the number of FTEs. SIMULATIONiQ streamlines your processes and improves efficiencies.


Challenge: Improving patient outcomes

Today's hospitals demand that clinicians work continuously to improve patient outcomes. The SIMULATIONiQ platform delivers the tools you need to provide benchmarking and best practice insights to your learners to better prepare them for real world nursing practice.

Challenge: Rapid change, increased demands

Both the education market and the healthcare workplace are changing rapidly. To keep pace and attract the best learners, you need a leading-edge simulation management solution that allows you to exceed the expectations of today and prepare your infrastructure for a more demanding tomorrow.




EMS offers a solution portfolio that can help your nursing school prepare its staff for the real-world needs of the clinical environment.



Turnkey simulation management technology

SIMULATIONiQTM Enterprise delivers unmatched performance for standardized patient- and mannequin-based training, and brings your full simulation efforts together in a single, simplified view that saves time, improves clinical outcomes, and drives tangible results.
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SIMULATIONIQ Enterprise Cloud

The alternative to on-site IT infrastructure

SIMULATIONiQTM Enterprise Cloud gives you the freedom to manage your simulation training environment without a costly hardware investment upfront. Forget about technology. Focus on educating learners and running clinical simulation activities in your sim center. 
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Virtual team training anywhere, anytime

SIMULATIONiQTM IPE saves time, lowers cost, allows collaboration across distances, enables learners to practice together frequently, helps with accreditation requirements, streamlines scheduling. 
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Our more than 20 years of experience in clinical education technology is highlighted in our library of case studies.
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A library of clinical simulation scenarios available for use in your nursing simulation training events. Select from more than 100 pre-written scenarios.
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EMS has been the leading innovator of simulation training technology for more
than 20 years.