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The Best Ways to Use Simulated Patients in Medical Education

The Best Ways to Use Simulated Patients in Medical Education

Modern healthcare educators depend on a variety of methodologies to train the next generation of clinical practitioners, including online, didactic, and hands-on, simulation-based training using manikins and simulated patients in medical education (also referred to as standardized patients or SPs). … Read More

EMS approved by the Association of American Medical Colleges

EMS Approved by the Association of American Medical Colleges

Exton, Pa. – Education Management Solutions, the industry leader in healthcare education solutions, announced today the selection of Competency.AI, an EMS product, as a Curriculum Inventory and benchmarking tool by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). AAMC’s Curriculum Inventory … Read More

The Rapid Evolution of Technology for Simulation in Healthcare Post-Covid

When healthcare education institutions quickly pivoted to online learning models during the early stages of the pandemic, they relied heavily on their existing technology infrastructure to deliver the same standard of training their students came to expect. But even with … Read More

16 Top Tips for Improving Simulation Based Medical Education hero

16 Top Tips for Improving Simulation-Based Medical Education

Simulation-based medical education is considered the standard in healthcare training to improve hands-on skills and assess student performance in clinical learning environments. It provides a safe space for students to experience realistic patient care scenarios and has proven to produce … Read More


Matt Merino Appointed Chief Executive Officer

EMS is always focused on pushing the boundaries of healthcare education. Effective April 5, 2022, EMS will step forward with new leadership, advancing the next generation of technology innovation. Collegis and Education Management Solutions (EMS) are pleased to welcome Matt … Read More

Featured Webinar: “Extending your Evaluations: Why Use Quality Assurance and SP Assessments”

The quality and consistency of evaluators has an important role in simulation-based training. Although there are many ways to evaluate your evaluators, two of the most effective methods are through inter-rater reliability and SP Performance Assessments. Want to learn more? Click … Read More

EMS Innovation Brief

San Joaquin General Hospital to Enhance Residents’ Clinical Reasoning Skills Training with Best-in-Class Virtual Solution

San Joaquin General Hospital recently selected the NEJM Healer virtual solution to assist in teaching clinical reasoning skills. … Read More

Featured Webinar: What COVID-19 Has Taught Us About the Observer Role in Simulation

Discover details on the current state of the science of the observer role and how faculty in health care education can continue to incorporate best practices for the observer role when we return to in-person simulation. … Read More

EMS Innovation Brief

The University of Béjaïa Selects SIMULATIONiQ for Powerful, Scalable Simulation Management

The University of Béjaïa, a public, multidisciplinary organization based in Béjaïa, Algeria which serves nearly 50,000 learners annually, recently selected EMS’ SIMULATIONiQ™ One Room and SIMULATIONiQ™ Mobile solutions to support their simulation-based training program. Going forward, university faculty will be … Read More

EMS Innovation Brief

Johns Hopkins University SON to Automate OSCEs with SIMULATIONiQ

The center for Immersive Learning and Digital Innovation at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing is committed to educating the next generation of highly skilled clinical professionals though innovative simulation technologies. With its deployment of EMS’ SIMULATIONiQ™ Enterprise Cloud and … Read More