We’re pleased to announce the publication of the article “6 Ways Serious Games Improve Clinical Learning Outcomes” at HealthySimulation.com!

Via HealthySimulation:

Growing evidence shows a significant link between repetitive practice, content retention, and academic performance—which is why forward-thinking healthcare educators are looking for concrete ways to jumpstart learners’ comprehension, intuition, and long-term retention abilities. Designed to primarily educate and secondarily entertain, serious games and gamified learning environments place users in an environment where “play” leads to skill development. Medical Simulation users must consider where and how “Serious games” like SimPHARM from Education Management Solutions can help.

Serious games establish game-based problem-solving parameters within non-game contexts, enhancing professional development and educational content mastery, and promoting clinical learners’ problem-solving and cognitive learning skills.

Game-based learning can be used within all types of healthcare education applications. Read on for five ways serious games and gamified learning environments improve learning outcomes.

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