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7 Things Succesful Nursing Simulation Labs Have in Common - Hero Image

7 Things Successful Nursing Simulation Labs Have in Common

Recruiting and preparing the next generation of nurses is a crucial component of improving worldwide healthcare delivery systems and aggregate patient outcomes. To make institutions more attractive to high-caliber nursing school applicants and better prepare current students for the profession, … Read More

The Best Ways to Use Simulated Patients in Medical Education

The Best Ways to Use Simulated Patients in Medical Education

Modern healthcare educators depend on a variety of methodologies to train the next generation of clinical practitioners, including online, didactic, and hands-on, simulation-based training using manikins and simulated patients in medical education (also referred to as standardized patients or SPs). … Read More

The Rapid Evolution of Technology for Simulation in Healthcare Post-Covid

When healthcare education institutions quickly pivoted to online learning models during the early stages of the pandemic, they relied heavily on their existing technology infrastructure to deliver the same standard of training their students came to expect. But even with … Read More

16 Top Tips for Improving Simulation Based Medical Education hero

16 Top Tips for Improving Simulation-Based Medical Education

Simulation-based medical education is considered the standard in healthcare training to improve hands-on skills and assess student performance in clinical learning environments. It provides a safe space for students to experience realistic patient care scenarios and has proven to produce … Read More

Featured Webinar: What COVID-19 Has Taught Us About the Observer Role in Simulation

Discover details on the current state of the science of the observer role and how faculty in health care education can continue to incorporate best practices for the observer role when we return to in-person simulation. … Read More

MGH Case Study

Sim Lab Leverages Seamless Multi-Vendor Mannequin Integration with Turnkey Simulation Management

If your simulation center uses high-fidelity patient simulators (mannequins) from more than one vendor, you may be wondering how to simply and seamlessly manage them within a single, integrated dashboard. Here’s how the MGH Institute of Health Professions, a graduate … Read More

Webinar: Simulation Center Sustainability

We had great feedback on our February webinar, “Simulation Center Sustainability: Building a Business Plan that Works,” presented by Leslie D. Catron, M.A.ED, RN, CHSE, and Ralph Herrera, California Health Sciences University College of Osteopathic Medicine! Weren’t able to join … Read More

Build Your Sim Program’s Coronavirus Contingency Plan: 5 Ways Cloud-Based Management Technology Empowers Your Remote Education Curriculum

How has your clinical education program been impacted by COVID-19? Here’s how cloud-based clinical education and simulation-based training management technology can streamline even the most complex traditional-to-remote learning program transitions. … Read More

Join EMS at the Southwest Region Simulation Educator and Operations Conference!

Don’t miss your chance to discover our latest SIMULATIONiQ innovations this Friday, January 31 at the Southwest Region Simulation Educator and Operations Conference! … Read More

Experience Next Generation Simulation at EMS’ IMSH Booth #219

Plus! Join us for TWO must-attend event! … Read More