Interactive Case Study

Virtual Standardized Patient (SP) Training Scenarios for Remote Learning

Virtual Standardized Patient (SP)
Training Scenarios for Remote Learning

Ready to level up your online learning capabilities?

Ready to level up your online learning capabilities?

Interactive Case Study

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Remote learning has been a steadily growing component of advanced nursing education and, with the way healthcare education has continued to evolve along with changing real-world conditions, it is now more vital than ever. Web-based technology supports experiential learning components by replicating patient-care experiences via virtual means as close as possible, including body language, facial expressions, and verbal cues. This type of learning eliminates distance barriers and provides students the ability to experience in-person encounters within a flexible, online environment. With that in mind, the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing – a leader in online education – went to work in designing and developing an award-winning, research-based platform called Interactive Case Study (ICS). They have since partnered with Education Management Solutions (EMS) - a leader in the simulation management and virtual online learning technology space - to bring this solution to the advanced-practice nursing education marketplace. The solution delivers simulated in-person patient care opportunities leveraging virtual standardized patient (SP) cases, while providing for learner reflection, understanding of the rationale behind each decision, and mapping of proper behaviors for communication and physical assessment.

Kolbs Cycle Of Learning Graphic
Kolbs Cycle Of Learning Graphic
Kolb's Cycle of Learning as the Foundation

What Makes Interactive Case Study So Innovative?

Improved Patient Interviewing Skills

Ask questions and compare them to an expert’s; listen to a patient’s response; learn what questions to ask and why.

Nurture Physical Assessment Techniques

Decide which physical assessments to perform; watch an expert assess the patient; learn the audible and silent signs to address.

Familiarize Students with Laboratory Testing

Examine factors that contribute to testing; determine which laboratory tests to conduct; learn why certain tests are not necessary.

Interpret Differential Diagnoses

Compile and synthesize gathered information; determine top possible differential diagnoses; compare diagnoses with an expert’s.

Measure Learning Through Reflection

Assess confidence as a provider before and after; journal thoughts throughout the process; determine rationale for all decisions.

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Get a Free Consultation to Learn More About the Interactive Case Study System

Get a Free Consultation to Learn More About the Interactive Case Study System

Take virtual learning to a whole new level

Take virtual learning to a whole new level

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But I’m So Far Away!

Meeting the Challenge of Creating Experiential Learning for Students at a Distance

Join Dr. Colella for this Interactive Case Study (ICS), describing how she solved the problem of creating experiential learning for her remote students. The need to transform a previous face-to-face course to a distant learning format led Dr. Colella into the world of technology. She put together an interdisciplinary team of instructional design and information technology to insure that student learning at a distance provided an experience comparable to that of on-site students. 

Meet Christine Colella

Interactive Case Study Author

  • Christine Colella is an award-winning nurse educator of more than 30 years. She currently serves as professor and executive director of graduate programs for the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing. In 2017, she was inducted as a fellow into the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) and has received numerous other accolades for her work, including:

    • University of Cincinnati Provost’s Oustanding Teaching Award (2017)
    • American Association of Colleges of Nursing’s Excellence and Innovation in Teaching Award (2016)
    • University of Cincinnati Innovative Uses of Technology in Teaching Award (2015)

ICS Christine Colella

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