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Simulation Center
Sustainability: Building a Buisness Plan that Works

Wednesday, February 3, 2021
2:00 PM ET

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Leslie D. Catron, M.A.ED, BSN, RN, CHSE
Ralph Herrera

California Health Sciences University
College of Osteopathic Medicine



This webinar will construct a step-by-step process to develop a simulation center business plan. A plan to generate income contributes to sustainable revenue and increases the value of simulation-based education. Whether a hospital or academic based simulation program, it is never too early (or too late) to consider how the center or lab will be used beyond the needs of the organization.

Key Learning Objectives:

1. Describe the value and importance of a sustainable business plan with a vision mission statement, identify goals and priorities, timing for development and essential stakeholders.
2. Identify the parts of a business plan and steps to develop a simulation center business plan to generate income and meet educational needs.
3. Describe ways to market and promote the business plan including ongoing monitoring.


SP Educators are searching for ways to be more inclusive in their practices of recruiting and hiring Standardized Patients. While already responsible for SP training, case writing/editing, operations management, and curriculum design, SP Educators can feel overwhelmed by the additional job of finding and hiring diverse applicants to fulfill their mission. This webinar will help SP Educators to analyze their current practices of recruiting SPs and to build an inclusive plan for hiring new SPs.

Key Learning Objectives:
  1. Analyze current recruitment practices, recognizing strengths and weaknesses
  2. Articulate the parts of a recruitment plan “baking in” inclusion
  3. Discover ways to further an inclusive culture in your program


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